What was I right about 3 years ago?

Just about everything.

Let’s see (emphasis added):

In any event, it says right here that Trump does not stand for re-election in 2020, unless something happens between now and then that somehow make it 100% certain that he would win, or unless he can construct the narrative that the system is “fixed” unless he wins. Because he won’t win, and he won’t let himself be put in a position where he could legitimately lose. His ego is far too fragile. He has to have it taken away from him so he can spend the rest of his life screaming from the sidelines about the injustices he suffered, and that he totally would have won in a landslide if he’d run. Put that in the bank.


Imagine what it will look like when the 35% or whatever of American voters who will support Trump through anything lose their man because the system finally shut him down. Riots? Secessions? Civil war? Where is the “unthinkable” line at this point?

What I failed to predict, earlier, is that he would actually make it to 2020, because I was sure that his lawlessness would cause him to self-immolate long before that. His first impeachment should have been his last, but spineless republicans were too scared to stand up to him (he sure “learned his lesson,” Susan Collins). And I overestimated Americans’ – really, republicans’ (and no, I will not honor that word with a capial)) – capacity to confront their own idiotic beliefs when presented with provably contrary facts… start at “trump lost the election” and work backwards from there, there are thousands of examples to pull from.

44½ hours to go… actually less because he’s going to squirm out of town early to avoid the man (and woman) who beat him.

In summary:

  1. Fuck donald trump.
  2. Fuck every single one of his enablers, and fuck melania, ivanka, don jr, eric and …tiffany? She’s one, right? No caps for any of them.
  3. Fuck every single one of the 74,000,000 people who voted for him in 2020. Every single last motherfucking one.

Good fucking riddance. Get the fuck out. We are going back to our lives.