We told you so

Most of us knew, 50 months ago, exactly how this was going to go.

The t**** presidency* was exactly as bad as we warned you it would be. An ignorant, bellicose, mendacious, racist, incurious, malignant narcissist with the attention span of a toddler and a complete lack of any kind of self-awareness, for whom every action is a transaction born solely of a simple calculus of what’s best for his own ego, lacking in any moral foundation whatsoever and completely uninterested in governance except as a platform for his own gain… what the fuck did you think was going to happen? It ended (we hope) with an actual, honest-to-god coup attempt in the U.S. Capitol, trying to overthrow the results of the most carefully watched and verified election in history.

We’ve got less than 48 hours to go before he files off to sulk in Florida (and face his creditors and accusers in a long, long series of court battles that will hopefully keep him occupied) – and he is apparently still telling people he won.

Tomorrow he’ll issue a nauseating slew of pardons, with nothing left to lose (but something left to sell). The only way he doesn’t pardon himself is if it turns out it would leave him legally exposed to other things.

The damage done to America over the last four years (five, really), is incalculable. The republican party is now the party of Batshit Crazy. Estimates seem to be coalescing that somewhere between 60% and 80% of republicans believe, flatly contradicted by the plainest observable facts, that the election was “stolen”, brainlessly bleating the false words of their god-king. It’s well known by now that when people who believe false things are shown proof that they’re wrong, they just dig in harder and believe the falsehoods all the more firmly. There’s nowhere to go with this.

America has a heavy amount of dead weight of stupid in its citizenry. With a generous share of racism to boot. We’re pretty much fucked. Our education system has failed. We lack a common foundation of the ability to think critically. And the republicans now know that they represent a shrinking minority of the population, and they are facing their own extinction, so they have nothing left to lose. Their strategy is:

  • Keep as many poor and minority people as possible from voting
  • Gerrymander the fuck out of everything they can so that they can govern with a minority of the popular vote
  • Lie, lie, lie, the bigger the better, shamelessly and wildly
  • Ignore science and facts, and do whatever can be done to maximize short-term gains.

I do not envy Biden. I’m glad he’s going to give it a shot. But he’s inheriting an ungovernable nation. Ivanka will be a Florida senator soon and step perfectly naturally into another batshit presidency she knows she deserves, buoyed by a meticulously-groomed minority of support that will translate into another popular-vote-losing electoral college win (a 40,000-vote swing in key locations would have seen Biden lose despite a 7,000,000 popular vote advantage). She’s every bit as qualified as her dad (you can’t go less than having literally no qualifications whatsoever). You know don jr isn’t going anywhere.

America isn’t going to get any less stupid. t**** is gone in 48 hours. t****ism is here to stay, forever.