Spring prediction

Since I did such a good job predicting Trump’s defeat, let’s keep going. My prediction is that he won’t be president very much longer.

This is because he doesn’t WANT to be president. He never did. He never wanted to do the actual WORK. He just likes to be on TV and in front of cheering crowds. Actual governing, with limited powers, is tedious and messy and requires attention to detail and diplomacy, which he has, respectively, zero and zero of. What he wanted was what Hillary got: to win the popular vote, but to lose the election on a technicality, so he could spend the following years heckling from the sidelines with a sense of aggrieved injustice, convinced that the People love him and that he’s been wronged, and with the delicious ability to generate headlines every time he opens his obnoxious mouth and play to crowds and swim in the adulation he craves, with no actual responsibilities.

So I think he’s making it impossible for himself to remain president, consciously or unconsciously, through self-sabotage and an endless spiral of scandals upon scandals. He won’t quit, but he’ll have to make it feel like it was stolen from him by a corrupt system. And his followers will eat it up. Of course, this is all their fault to begin with.

The spineless Republicans in Congress will back him as long as he’s useful, to help them rip out health care protections and environmental regulations and wall street regulations and so forth, and then once they’ve used him up, they’ll suddenly find their morals and turn on him and congratulate themselves for being such great Americans that they’ll put country over party. And of course, they’ll just move a different Republican into the white house.

So that’s what it says here. No way he makes it to 2020, or 2019. Might not make it through 2017. Let’s hope not.