Message to the world #2

I just want to remind the world, in this tiny message in a tiny bottle, that a MINORITY GOVERNMENT is in place in America making these horrible things happen. More people voted AGAINST trump than FOR him. More Americans are AGHAST at what is happening than support it.

They have the power, for now. They may build walls; we will tear them down when it’s our turn. They may turn their backs on the world; we will reach out again when it’s our turn. They may abandon our commitments; we will renew them when it’s our turn.

We may come out of this better, if we survive it. Since we haven’t had a war here at home since the 1860s, maybe we’ve lost touch with suffering; it’s just something we see on TV. Maybe this is needed, as a horrible thing to go through with real consequences that will stiffen the spines of those who survive and help us rediscover our founding ideals.

Maybe not.

In any case, nobody would fault you for ceasing to take us seriously as a nation anymore. We let this happen. And you are right to realize that even after we get control back again, it could just as easily swing back to craziness on very short notice. Our people are ignorant and don’t care about things that aren’t right in front of them. America was a beacon for the world for a while. It may now fall to others to lead, as our empire crumbles. Germany has the moral high ground now, standing up for human rights and the rule of law and the things we once stood up for too. Maybe what remains of Europe will have to cauterize us like a wound. and just continue to move forward and light the way while we fumble in the darkness.

I am so ashamed.

Please just remember: there are more of us than there are of them. No matter what happens.

Do what you need to do.