Seems like a good point for a reboot.

If this isn’t a moment to start over and refocus, I don’t know what is.

2017 is upon us. I spent 2016, and much of 2015, reassuring friends and family that this whole Trump thing would just give us a good scare, but that in the end of course he’d lose – deep down, we aren’t THAT stupid – and everything would be fine. I was completely convinced of that, right up until about 11pm on election night, as I watched the unbelievable cascade of swing states go down one by one, and realized that I was wrong and the world was now upended.

And now progressives are being told that it’s our fault for not listening enough to the concerns of poor, poorly educated white people.

I don’t fucking buy it.

Trump is an absolute nightmare come to life for anyone who shares the values of the Enlightenment. The four cardinal virtues are courage, justice, wisdom and temperance. He possesses none of them. Bluster is not courage. His reaction to perceived dissent is to punish it (flag-burners should get a year in jail or lose their citizenship). He has parlayed a life of sumptuous wealth and privilege into nothing but self-aggrandizement; he has absolutely no qualifications to be President of the United States. Not a day of public or military service in his entire life. He lies pathologically and brazenly, unapologetically and even proudly, and his supporters eat it up, thinking he’s laughing with them and not at them. He boasts about the power he wields that allows him to sexually assault women and walk in on half-naked teenagers whose beauty pageants he owns. And now as the President-elect, he tweets about the balance of global nuclear power, which can extinguish life on earth in a breath, as carelessly as he tweet-feuds with celebrities who make him mad. People who voted for him are either racist / sexist / whatever-ist themselves, or willing to tolerate someone who IS in exchange for the liberal tears they’d been craving.

This wasn’t what the next four years were supposed to be about. The issue was supposed to be that we weren’t moving forward quickly enough. Not that we are actually being pulled backwards towards the dark ages again. Not that we have to actually put our focus back on civil fucking rights again, like it’s even a fucking question.

I have no idea how we’re going to manage this, but I know this: I am in the resistance. I will never back down from facts, science, reason, logic, intelligence, and compassion for ALL people, all races / ethnicities / religions or lack thereof / sexualities / genders / nationalities and whatever other categories that fearful people use to put people in “other” groups. If this makes me an enemy of the new State, then so be it. I don’t want to belong to a State that resists any of that.

NO to walls, to fear, to hate, to discrimination, to wars, to unjust laws, to the power of wealth, to racism, to sexism, to homo/trans/xeno/islamo/whateverthefucko-phobia, to destroyers, to ignorance, to malice, to abusers and manipulators and gaslighters, to tyrants and to would-be tyrants. And a spectacular FUCK YOU to the Patriarchy, and to those for whom it was teed up and ready to smash, and who chose not to because of fear, hate, selfishness and/or ignorance.

I’ve had 50 years of relative peace and comfort as a white American male. I’m ready to give that up. It was a good run. Whatever it takes to resist the rise of fascism in America, I will do.

No more silence. No more normalizing.

Vive la Resistance.